New Construction


Your first question should be, do I need my own Realtor? 

The answer is YES.  Many of the larger builders will try to convince you that you will save money by not having advocate on your side.  This is simply not true.  First, the commissions is the same: it either ALL goes to your BUILDER’S representative, OR it is shared with YOUR Realtor.  THERE IS NO DISCOUNT FOR NOT USING YOUR OWN REALTOR.  And think about this: if the entire commission is going to the BUILDER’S representative, does that person have any incentive to try to get you a lower price or any concessions on the home?  Again, the answer is NO. 

So think hard about having someone on your side.  Someone who is YOUR advocate, someone who is contractually obligated to act in YOUR best interest.  Someone with the TRAINING, KNOWLEDGE, and EXPERIENCE to best advise you in the process of purchasing a new build.  Someone with certifications in New Home Construction!  Me!!      

I am both a Certified New Home Construction Specialist as well as Residential Construction Certified. With these certifications, I belong to a group dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism and service to builders and new home buyers.

The training in the courses I took to achieve these designations covered architectural design and planning, blueprint reading, topography, building site design, evaluating quality construction, materials, methods, construction terminology and scheduling. I also studied successful buyer/builder relations, all aspects of customer service and the use of various organizational tools and systems. This provides me with the additional expertise, strategies and tools to more even more thoroughly and professionally assist anyone interested in a brand new or existing home.

Completion of the Certified New Home Specialist™ training involved a total of over 22 hours of specialized course work and successful completion of the CNHS certification test.  Completion of the Residential Construction Certifiedtraining involved over 10 hours of specialized interactive course work and successful completion of the RCC certification test.  The course was created by trainer, author and consultant Dennis Walsh, who is recognized internationally as a leading authority in all aspects of residential construction, new home sales and marketing.